Friday, 12 September 2014

Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo: Not just partners by birth

Being a business and entrepreneurship professional is something that only few choose for their career as it involves a lot of risks and challenges which not everyone is able to cope with. It needs a lot of experiences and preparations before moving into the corporate world; you could say you are either born businessman or become one.

One such pair of successful business partners were born to a businessman father from Jakarta, namely Bryan Susilo and Patricia Susilo who migrated to Australia when latter was 4 years old. Their father taught them the mantra about being the architect and designer of their own life. Both siblings took the words of their father very seriously and got inspired to write their own lives destinies.

Both of them engaged themselves in gaining knowledge since an early age and getting more experience while working with other successful people around them. All of their hard work and sincere dedication made them very successful as business partners in real estate and they simultaneously work for their jobs  as well.

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